Preserved Lemons

12 lemons, washed and dried
1 cup kosher or sea salt
Remove the stem of the lemon and make one cut down halfway, then crisscross the lemon and make another cut halfway, making sure that the lemon stays intact in four sections.
Stuff all sides of the lemon with a good quantity of salt and squeeze lemon closed.
Place lemons inside 1-liter glass jar with airtight lid, and repeat, pushing down the lemons and adding more until jar is full. Add the juice of a few lemons. 
Seal jar tightly and shake contents, then set on countertop.
The next day add a few more lemons, and repeat the following day, until jar is so full no more can be added.
Shake daily for a week so juices coat lemons.
After one week, place in refrigerator for a month or two, when they will be ready to use. 

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