Apple Blossom Rolls 

2 Tbsp yeast + 1 tsp sugar
6 cups flour
½ cups sugar
2 eggs
½ cup oil
1 tsp salt
1 ½ cups water

Combine dry yeast, warm (120°F) water, 1 teaspoon sugar in a glass bowl and set aside to proof 10 minutes.
In a large bowl, combine all of the flour with remaining sugar and salt, the proofed yeast water. Add the eggs, and oil. Mix well, cover and let rise for an hour.

Apple filing:
Peel and slice 3-4 large apples, sprinkle cinnamon and brown sugar and cook for about 20 minutes on medium until apples are brown in color and soft.
Once dough is proofed, roll it out to make a rectangle. Sprinkle with cinnamon brown sugar and layer 2 rows of apple filling. Roll up the dough into a log and cut into 20 even pieces. Place in a 12-inch round aluminum pan and bake at 350°F for 38-40 minutes.

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