Sesame Brittle

Sesame Brittle

1 cup raw sesame seeds
1 cup white granulated sugar
2 tbsp hot water
Vegetable oil spray
Sesame and almond nougatine-
2 cups white granulated sugar
1 cup raw sesame seeds
1 cup raw slivered almonds
3 tbsp hot water
Wooden spoon
Rolling pin

Spray the work counter with plenty of vegetable spray. Spray the rolling pin and have it ready to use.
In a pan over medium heat, toast the sesame seeds and almonds until golden, then remove from heat.
In a deep heavy pot, add the sugar and warm over a low flame. As the sugar slowly melts into a caramel, begin to stir with a wooden spoon.
Keep stirring until the caramel is dark and golden and all the sugar has dissolved.
If sugar lumps appear, keep stirring until they dissolve
Add the sesame seeds and almonds all at once and stir vigorously. Quickly pour onto the work counter.
Using a well-oiled rolling pin, start to roll the caramel out as thinly and quickly as possible.
Using a very sharp knife, cut brittle into squares
Let cool completely for 15 minutes and separate the squares.
Store in a tin or glass container with a tight lid.

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